Small, Right Choices : Jeanne Mayo

Small, Right Choices

Scripture speaks much about the worth of endurance. It seems to celebrate the saints that were considered plodders. Even contemporary business success illustrates the point that there is no magic moment when you want to move from good to great. Company CEOs from Fortune 500 names like Walmart, Pitney Bowes, Walgreens and Wells Fargo, repeatedly stress that big success came very slowly, without the drama that onlookers probably assumed was present. The CEOs said turning points came from a slow, deliberate process of figuring out what needed to be done to create the best future results…and then simply taking those steps, one after the other.

My favorite basketball coach, John Wooden, led the UCLA Bruins to ten NCAA Championships in only twelve years! How did he earn that amazing record? For 15 years Coach Wooden worked with his teams in relative obscurity, building the foundations of a winning team, before winning his first championship in 1964. Jesus Christ, Himself, spent 30 years quietly learning the lessons and making the small right decisions that would bring Him to the greatest moment in history.

Never underestimate the strategic importance of making small, right choices in youth ministry OVER THE LONG HAUL. No, you won’t wake up one morning and magically find that your youth ministry has suddenly exploded (though a short-term explosion joyously happens for many of us). But like John Wooden and Jesus Christ both model for us, quiet and systematic progress towards a stated goal will eventually cause dramatic results.

And so, “Youth Ministry John Wooden,” shut your computer down and prayerfully show up for practice again. And someday, in the corridors of heaven, people will be admiring your picture on the “All Star Wall.” All because youth ministry legends rise and fall around the character to keep playing the game with all your heart…even during the non-glamorous, obscure seasons.

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