Being a broken youth pastor, keeps us connected to our kids, but understand in a moment what is perceived as one of your strengths can soon become one of your greatest weaknesses. Daily our hearts reach out to teenagers, as we listen to their stories when parents, teachers and even friends shrug them aside. On my way to the office, during my lunch hours, late into Wednesday nights, I hear the hurt of broken hearts, wounded spirits, rejected teenagers, who really need someone to nod and listen and at times cry with them.

After more than five decades, I can usually finish their sentences and know what road they will walk down if someone doesn’t reach out to them. As I mentor others, they will watch me open up and remain gentle as they share, but in the spirit realm, my heart is fully aware that the Enemy lies waiting to capitalize on my sensitivity.

Open yourselves up to build bridges, but allow the island of your own heart to remain grounded in knowing that those bridges always hold the potential to be destroyed through hurt, disappointment, and frustration. Satan wants to compile circumstances, words, and attitudes all together to root resentment and force it to sprout in your heart.

And the love Jesus cultivated inside you for those teenagers, will be the same love and joy our adversary comes to steal. How quickly we forget the excitement and delight of walking this incredible journey when the attacks on those bridges come disguised as offenses. Remember that injustice is only as powerful as your memory of it, and will remain as devastating as you allow it to be.

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