05. Jeanne’s 8 Biggest Mistakes in Ministry Leadership : Jeanne Mayo

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05. Jeanne’s 8 Biggest Mistakes in Ministry Leadership

I hope that by vulnerably sharing from my experiences, you will be able to avoid making some of my same mistakes. One of my signatures in ministry leadership has been authentic transparency and this podcast really plays into that arena. With more than 50 years in full-time ministry…there were many mistakes to choose from! But I’ve narrowed them down to my top eight.

#1. I underestimated the power of my SHADOW SIDE.
#2. I began to internally evaluate my ministry worth by the ATTENDANCE NUMBERS and by my PAYCHECK.
#3. I said “YES” too many times.
#4. I failed to “LEAD UP” well enough.
#5. I PROCRASTINATED too long in making some of the tough calls.
#7. I felt secretly guilty when I took TIME OFF. So I wound up taking care of EVERYONE ELSE…but not myself.
#8. I “leased a nail” out to the enemy in the form of HURT and RESENTMENT.

It’s not WHAT YOU DO in life and ministry that will multiply the broadest. It will always be WHO YOU ARE.


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