04. Navigating Church Politics : Jeanne Mayo

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04. Navigating Church Politics

We can get really cynical if we don’t realize that politics is everywhere there is humanity. We just don’t expect “politics” to exist in the church because we’re all “Christians.” However, as “human beings” are a part of a church…there will be “Church Politics.” In this podcast, Jeanne and Vance discuss how to keep from becoming cynical or disillusioned when you have to deal with church politics.

How do you keep from becoming cynical or disillusioned when dealing with church politics?

#1: I look at people in the church world that have allowed cynicism and church politics to deeply wound them…and I don’t like what I see.

#2: I remind myself that heaven and hell are for real.

#3: The Bible says, “promotion comes from the Lord.”

#4: Being a woman in ministry causes you to experience politics in a different way.

#5: Often a person of race in the church world, has to navigate things with more thought and intentionality than a lot of other cultures. They have to think through the way they think and say things so as not to be thought about as “aggressive or threatening.”

Church politics is real, but you do yourself a service if you don’t let yourself get cynical or bitter. Politics is everywhere there are humans. Don’t let yourself get frustrated thinking it’s only the “church world.”

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