With my leadership team and in youth services, I use the phrase “hell-bait area” repeatedly, because I want them to clearly understand that all of us have an area in our lives where we are more inclined to fall. I fought to make them keenly aware of what those areas are in their lives. The predisposition to a certain area of temptation is as normal as people having cravings for different kinds of foods. I want you to take this term and permanently lock it into your spiritual vocabulary. When it comes to our “fleshly cravings,” we all crave different things or become weak at different times during the day. In the same manner that we work to control our human appetites, we must learn to be strategic in fighting off the traps laid by the enemy.

It is irrelevant what your hell-bait area is, or if you have more than one. Above all, you need to identify and pinpoint your own area of personal temptation before you can begin to fight it. Good sports teams always know what they are up against before going into a game. And great teams, championship teams, strategize by knowing the other team’s weaknesses and capitalizing on them. In like manner, Satan treats each of us like his opponent. He is not omnipresent, nor is he omniscient, but as obvious as most of us are with our weaknesses, it’s not too difficult for him to determine where he can effectively attack us. Rest assured, the Enemy’s strongest adversity will come at the worst times and in the worst places possible. Wake up and realize you are already in a battle, so begin to locate the hell-bait areas in your own life and guard them with fierce tenacity.