We talk about worship all the time…it’s a part of our every Sunday morning routine.  But how big of a deal is “worship” in the Lord’s eyes?  In the Scripture He says it’s THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL THE COMMANDMENTS.  So, let’s take a look at some thoughts when it comes to what biblical worship is and what it isn’t.


1.  Worship is LOVE EXPRESSED.

Let’s just look at the actual word for “WORSHIP.”  It’s a compressed form of an Old English word, “WORTH-SHIP.”  It literally means to “give something/someone WORTH.”

But God doesn’t need anyone to give Him “worth”!  True.  But because He has chosen to give us His heart, He LONGS FOR US to be close with Him…to love Him…to be near to Him…through worship.  When you love someone, it matters to you that they love you back.

2.  Worship is not just MUSIC.

There’s not a single word for “worship” in the whole Bible that refers directly to the word “music.”  Music is just one of many TOOLS to worship the Lord with.

But Scriptural worship isn’t just a musical style or genre.  If worship were primarily “music” or “style,” I could judge it as “good or bad.”   I mean, I could decide whether or not to take part in worship based on my own musical PREFERENCES.  If the song being played weren’t “my style,” then I wouldn’t have to worship.

There’s only one problem with that approach:  By doing that, in my heart, the worship would really be FOR ME.  So actually, I would be making MYSELF GOD, instead of Jesus.

3.  True worship is a LIFESTYLE that wants to glorify God from the moment we wake up in the morning until we crash in bed at night.  

Like every person who has ever LOVED someone else knows:  If you really LOVE someone, you will somehow SHOW IT.

 What are some ways we can show God our love?

  • Lifting Hands
  • Clapping
  • Shouts of Praise and Genuine Joy
  • Dancing
  • Playing Instruments
  • Praying
  • Singing
  • Every day, Normal Obedience
  • Faithfulness and “Hanging Tight” During the Hard Times

So may we all become a little better worshipers today.  Not in the same old Sunday morning service sort of way, but in heart.  May we walk today in a greater “expressed love” for the Lord.



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