Navigating Your Friendships In Ministry

Over the next few blogs I will be talking about navigating your friendships in ministry.  There are 3 basic categories of people that you’ll interact with if you are a leader.

First in your leadership “Friendship Trinity,” there are CONFIDANTS.

  • They are RARE.  If you have 2 or 3 of them in a lifetime, outside of your family, you are unusually blessed.
  • How do we define them?  They are FOR YOU…no matter what.
  • They know the best and the worst about you….but they are still right by your side.
  • You can’t BE a DAVID without having a JONATHAN…because he’ll be instrumental in unlocking the keys to the Kingdom for you.
  • A true confidant will be a mixture of soul-mate and of mentor.

The problem is that most of us spend all of our time with people who are UNDER US leadership-wise.  So you are forever FEEDING PEOPLE WHO CAN’T FEED YOU.  And after months or years of FEEDING THEM, they begin to DRAIN YOU.  You’ve got to have some friends who can FEED YOU, so you can FEED SOMEBODY ELSE.  And as a leader, that confidant is someone you can trust to TELL THE TRUTH to…somebody YOU CAN TRUST.



The CONFIDANT is there FOR you…they are WITH YOU whatever happens.

 These are the people that being around them is SO COMFORTABLE you can behave like you are BY YOURSELF!  That’s why you don’t’ get TIRED of being around your confidants because you don’t have to CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOR IN THEIR PRESENCE!

Don’t forget…in day to day life, JESUS remains that constant, unmatchable FRIEND.  He knows you better than you know YOURSELF.  So when you’re around HIM, you “never have to put anything on.”  He’s a Friend who sticks closer than a brother…through the good times…and through the bad ones.

But remember, even with CONFIDANTS…relational WITHDRAWALS without relational DEPOSITS lead to relational BANKRUPTCY.