I’m back there again! I’m hanging out, a bit begrudgingly, again in “God’s Waiting Room.” Ever been there before? It’s the place where answers to prayer seem suspended in the heavenlies. The place where things that I thought would take 10 days are still uncompleted at 10 years. The place where I’m beginning to wonder if hopes I earlier labeled as “God-Given Dreams” are actually more like spiritual fantasies born out of too much late-night pizza.

So what’s my mode of operation while shuffling around in God’s Waiting Room? I’m taking encouragement from a few biblical saints who spent time there as well. Let me share one with you. Maybe this guy will encourage you like he did me.

Waiting Room

Remember the man in John 5 who was waiting for healing at the pool of Bethesda? He had been in “God’s Waiting Room” for 38 long years, waiting for the miracle of functioning legs. Now don’t let your heart miss this:

  • 38 times he’s tried to get in that pool.
  • 38 times he’s had other people get in front of him.
  • 38 times he has waiting and only been disappointed at the end of the waiting period.
  • 38 years is a long, long time.

So what does Jesus do? He looks at the lame man right where he was and says, “RISE…take up your bed and walk.” Do you get the profound nature of those words? In other words, “What you are wanting is NOT in the pool. What you are wanting is RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE!”

So what’s Jesus trying to remind me of today as I impatiently thrash around, wanting an answer to my current prayer concern? Here it is, simple but profound: You can often get what you are looking for RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE…

Jesus has the same message for all of us today that He had for the lame man in John 5 at the Pool of Bethesda: Stop projecting your own self-centered images into your future.

Right where you are…is everything you really are trying to get! So stop impatiently complaining. Instead, internally “Pick up your bed…and start walking into your future!”

I’m reminded today of the short verse hidden in Lamentations: “The Lord is GOOD to those who WAIT on Him.” But waiting is no fun! It stretches me…reveals parts of my character I’d like to ignore…and forces me to re-define my internal definitions of “happiness” and “success.”

“Be not weary in well doing,” Paul wrote to the church in Galatia. “You shall REAP in due season if you faint not.” In other words, harvest eventually comes if (and only if) you don’t give up waiting.

The ultimate outcome may look a little different than you envisioned. But as Corrie Ten Boom, the holocaust survivor, once wisely said:

“When Jesus is all you have…Jesus will be all you need.”