With all the demands and challenges of ministry sometimes you get lost and you forget why you decided to do youth ministry in the first place.  To avoid that in my own life, I follow a few simple rules:

  1. I prioritize my daily quiet time.  If I don’t have a regular quiet time, I’m going to lose it…period.  Then I will begin to minister out of my own ability, but it won’t take me long until I’m running on fumes.
  2. I take time off without guilt.  Also, what I’m learning about me is if I keep connected technology-wise, I don’t disconnect enough. 
  3. I also quietly give myself permission to “fail” or not be as good in some areas.  Figure out what you refuse to fail at and give it your “best” then don’t’ feel guilty if you’re not “perfect” in some others. 
  4. Figure out what replenishes you.  Everybody has different things that replenish them, my idea of a good time is a cup of coffee on my back porch with a book I want to read, for you it may be playing basketball, a game of golf or shopping.