Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, claimed that one of the keys to his success was consistent reviews and evaluations.  He took time out on an annual and semi-annual basis to review what was happening within his corporation.  And it didn’t stop there.  He still does it with his housekeeper, his lawn people, and anyone who provides a regular service for him.  He believes in letting people know where they stand and reviewing to ensure consistent improvement.

Why is this important in the world of youth ministry?  Every time we do an event, an outreach, a retreat, etc., we always have at least one thing we wished we’d have done differently.  Maybe we would have had the food brought in sooner, or the music louder, or ended the night at 10:30 instead of midnight.  These may seem like small things but without constructively jotting those notes down in a place where you can find them the next time around, the same small mistakes will be made.

This principle applies to not only the events we do, but also to the people we work with.  It may just be one intern or a group of volunteers that are helping you out.  You may be fortunate to have a team of people working with you.  Whomever you have assisting you, make sure you take time out on a regular basis to do a simple performance review.  It may sound very businesslike and even a little daunting.  However, when you sit down and actually do it, you will most likely find it to be extremely beneficial to you and the other person.  Why?  Moments like this, believe it or not, are often the only chance that other person gets to hear that they are doing something right.  And compliments will forever be something we all crave.  Feedback is not only a good thing to do; it is a necessary one.